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Thursday, September 15, 2011


A Message from Inspector Jack Daniels...

Your 3rd clue is beneath this message ...
If you're coming here for the first time, go to the blog HOME to read all of the Mystery Contest posts. You can start this contest at any time before October 7th. The final clue will be posted on September 30 and you have until Oct. 7th to send your solutions in to us.
Remember, you can ask up to 2 questions of the suspects. Each question has to be of a specific nature, and to a specific person. You can post your questions in the comment box below, or click on the word "comments" and then check back for the answers. If you'd like to receive automatic updates, subscribe to this blog.

Thanks for your assistance ... together we will solve this crime!
Clue # 3 

Suzette Darling was overheard telling several guests that the ONLY reason Diane Delmonico placed so high in the top 5 was because she slept with one of the judges, and that her reign was going to be a SHORT one!


  1. Question for Suzette:

    How far would you go to keep the crown?

  2. I wasn't about to give my crown up just because of a little eating disorder! Especially not to the likes of Diane Delmonico. But, I would never do anything that required manual labor ... I would hire someone to do it for me.