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Thursday, June 20, 2013

More A TOUCH OF MYSTERY history ...

In 1986 THE CATERED AFFAIR made it's premiere. It was performed at a private party in Beverly Hills and the guests didn't know they were attending a murder mystery. The characters were part of a catering service and one of the scenes called for Patti Perkie & Carla O'Day to fight over a gentleman that came to the bar to order a drink.

The scene started and the gentleman interrupted the ladies arguing over him by saying "That's ok, I really don't want a drink anyway." He walked away from the bar and went directly over to the host of the party and inquired; "Where in the word did you find these people?!"

When our lead character, Mrs. Stefano came running down the stairs screaming that her husband was dead in the bedroom, guests began screaming; "Who's dead, who's dead? and CALL 911!" 

Once the Inspector took over and started the investigation, the guests began laughing for the next hour as they solved the mystery!

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