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Thursday, September 1, 2011


 A message from Inspector Jack Daniels:

A murder has taken place. Here is what we know so far...

 Suzette Darling, the reigning Miss Vegas Valley is unable to fulfill her reign due to an eating disorder. The 1st runner up was set to take the crown last night when she was found dead in her hotel room. 
         It has become clear that not everyone was happy about this turn of events. Apparently, there were those in attendance who wanted to see her dethroned!

       Diane Delmonico’s body was found in her hotel room. Her throat was constricted, there was a feather boa and a broken red nail found on the floor near her body.

 The suspects are as follows:

1) Victoria Rampage - The Pageant Director
2) Suzette Darling - The Reigning Miss Vegas Valley
3) Estelle Darling - The Reigning Mrs. Vegas Valley
4) Michael / Michelle Parks - The Bitter Disqualified
                    5) Jinx Delmonico - Diane Delmonico's Ditzy Mother

CLUE # 1
Estelle Darling confronted her daughter Suzette, calling her a worthless no talent weakling; and said if she didn’t have the balls to do what she needed to do to keep the crown, she would do it for her. 

Remember, each participant in our on-line Murder Mystery can ask up to 2 questions of the suspects each week by clicking on the word "comments" or in the comment box at the bottom of this post.  Your questions have to be of a specific person and of a specific nature, no generalized questions. You have to decide if the suspects are telling you the truth with their answers. All questions & answers will be posted on the blog so everyone can read them. 

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Put your detective caps on and enjoy the adventure! Your 2nd clue will be posted next Friday.


  1. Question for Estelle Rampage:

    When did you last see Diane Delmonico?

  2. I haven't seen that worthless gold digger or her mother since the pageant, nor have I wanted to!

  3. Questions for Jinx Delmonico:

    How did you feel about your daughter's involvements in beauty pageants?

  4. Well, to be honest, my daughter and I haven't had the best relationship. She has always felt entitled and better than me ... well, in truth, she has always felt she was better than everyone else.

    I hadn't heard from Diane for 5 years, ever since she started on the pageant circuit. I always felt sorry for all of those other girls that they were going to be treated the way I have been all of these years. Diane is ... (sniff / sob) was ... such a beautiful person ... physically. It's too bad she was such a BITCH!

    When she asked me to be in this pageant with her, I thought she was trying to mend the rift between us, but once again I was wrong! How many times can you let someone treat you like the dirt under their shoes before you say ENOUGH! She has worked my last nerve!!!!!!