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Thursday, September 29, 2011


A Message from Inspector Jack Daniels...

Your final clue is beneath this message ...
If you're coming here for the first time, go to the blog HOME to read all of the Mystery Contest posts. Your solutions have to be in by no later than October 7th.
Remember, you can ask up to 2 questions of the suspects. Each question has to be of a specific nature, and to a specific person. You can post your questions in the comment box below, or click on the word "comments" and then check back for the answers. If you'd like to receive automatic updates, subscribe to this blog. *** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  You have to decide if the suspects are telling the truth with their answers! In order to be the winner, you have to get everything correct...

1) Who killed Diane Delmonico?
2) How did they do it?
3) With what?
4) What was their motive?

Thanks for your assistance ... together we will solve this crime!
FINAL Clue # 5

An open bottle and two glasses of champagne with traces of time-released cyanide were found in Diane Delmonico’s hotel room, accompanied by a congratulatory note from Victoria Rampage.


  1. Question for Victoria Rampage:

    Did you have anything against Diane Delmonico?

  2. Question for Victoria Rampage:

    Did you poison the champagne you gave to Diane Delmonico?

  3. Question for Victoria Rampage:

    Who is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy you took out on Diane Delmonico?

  4. Question for Suzette:

    Did you send the tainted champagne to Diane Delmonico and sign the card from Victoria Rampage in order to frame Victoria?

  5. Answer to Lizzy:

    Well, she wasn't exactly my first choice to wear the crown. She's been nothing but a pain since day 1 and her mother is completely USELESS! Not the representation I am looking for.

    Not to mention that Diane feels she is entitled to EVERYTHING. That girl needs to be taken down a few pegs!

  6. Answer for Ellie:

    Why I waste a perfectly good bottle of champagne?

  7. Answer for Lowell:

    My pageant is the beneficiary on all of the life insurance policies I take out on the girls. After all it is MY pageant. I don't have a huge sponsor backing us and if something happens to one of the girls, I have to be covered. What's wrong with that?!

  8. Answer for Lowell:

    No of course I didn't do that. Why would I want to frame Victoria? She's been more of a nurturing mother to me than my own mother!