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Thursday, September 22, 2011


A Message from Inspector Jack Daniels...

Your 4th clue is beneath this message ...
If you're coming here for the first time, go to the blog HOME to read all of the Mystery Contest posts. You can start this contest at any time before October 7th. The final clue will be posted on September 30 and you have until Oct. 7th to send your solutions in to us.
Remember, you can ask up to 2 questions of the suspects. Each question has to be of a specific nature, and to a specific person. You can post your questions in the comment box below, or click on the word "comments" and then check back for the answers. If you'd like to receive automatic updates, subscribe to this blog.

Thanks for your assistance ... together we will solve this crime!
Clue # 4

A letter was found in Diane Delmonico’s dressing room from Michael Parks. In it he stated that she would rue the day she exposed him and how he would show her what happens to Bitchy Queens!


  1. Question for Michael Parks:

    What were you doing in a female pageant ... you're a MAN!

  2. It's 2011, not the DARK AGES. If same sex marriage can be recognized,then it's time to allow men to compete in pageants. I mean, after all, some of us men make prettier women than the women in these pageants! And if that bitch hadn't outed me, I would have been 1st Runner-Up!

  3. Question for Michael Parks:

    What would you have to gain by Diane's death?

  4. Well.... I guess nothing really. If I had my way, I would have had her involved in some scandalous controversy and seen her taken DOWN and lose her crown! She's taken all the fun out of it by dying.